Dr. Prasad Raja graduated from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Z├╝rich and Lausanne) in Real-Time Communications Protocols. After a post-graduate at IBM T. J. Watson in New York, USA, he started Veleras in 2001. Dr. Prasad has developed several compilers, operating system tools (Assemblers and Disassemblers) and also worked on various aspects of backbone, access and data centre service provider and large enterprise networks. In various phases of the network engineering he has assisted major European and Multinational Carriers (such as Deutsche Telecom, British Telecom, Swisscom, Vodafone, Telefonica) and Data Center for multinational companies. He has consulted companies in Telco, Government, Defence, Banking, Energy, Construction, Media and Pharma sectors and understands the multidisciplinary aspects of such environments. He also developed the Veleras Authentication Portal which is used in high security environments. More recently, Dr. Prasad specialises in building infrastructure services in the cloud (AWS and Azure) and migrating on-premises data centers to these IaaS platforms. In datacenter, he focuses on implementing novel architectures combining VxLAN and MPLS procotols to enable optimal breakouts both for Datacenter as well as branch offices (SDWAN). He has worked with Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Fortinet and F5 products. He is fluent with programming and scripting in C, C++, ADA, Java, .Net, Perl, Pyhon and Shells.

Dr. Prasad likes keeping fit (on land, snow and water), practices yoga, loves multicultural environments and every other year needs to get familiarised with a new spoken language.