Veleras assets consist of experienced Network Engineers and Solution Architects with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications, data center and mobile backhaul industry.

Strong business development professionals with language assets and skilled in IT Strategy, Data Center, ISP Networking such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Pre- and Post-sales. Recent activities include cloud infrastructures and agile computing.

We also provide security solutions. Starting from Firewall and Zone concepts, we have developed our own authentication solution for enhanced security environments.

Combining deep technical for enabling the right and perfect match solution for customer needs and deliver in timely manner is our strength. Depending on the projects, we can provide upto a team of 10 experienced network engineers.

Our multidisciplinary areas of expertise are:

  • Vendor independent Solution Design
  • Networking (MPLS, BGP, ISIS, Routing/Switching, Inter-AS, PIM, MSDP)
  • Security (Firewall and Reverse-Proxy)
  • SDN (VXLAN, BGP-EVPN, Microsegmentation, Firewall Integration)
  • IPTV (Headend, virtual Headend, Distribution to Access)
  • VoIP (IMS Packetcore and LAN Design for VoLTE)
  • Security Software Development for Multifactor Authentication, Scripting for Network Automation, Connection aware Firewall with AI API Interfaces
  • Application Delivery (Load Balancing/LTM, Reverse-Proxy)